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9:11 to NYC 9:11 to NYC

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This movie conveys everyone's true feelings of laughter and joy at 9/11!


Star Wars: The Rebels Star Wars: The Rebels

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Decent quality, though the message missed a bit.

"Do not confuse Rebels with Terrorist Insurgents."

Does it occur to you that the Iraqis and other Arabs did not hold anything against America, and did not attack America, before America attacked them? They're defending their homeland against the "Greatest Force" in the world, so you put it.

Finding St. Patrick Finding St. Patrick

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A vision into the innermost depths of the mind.

As I watched this film, many a time it occured to me that life may have no purpose aside from to pass on and be reborn. The visions and ideals portrayed within create a schism of corporeal integrity. Indeed, one can not help but be conflicted by its parelleling values of reality and an ethereal existance intertwining itself between the dimension of the dead and the dimension of the living, threading through the rift like a supernatural tailor sewing a suit of time, each puncture through the thin fabric of reality only serving to remind us of our ultimate mortality. If one peers into his or her soul, they could find the ultimate resolve in which to pass between these stages of existance, of life, death, and rebirth into life once again, only to die and continue the progress of eternity, in which we are all invariably sewn.

Prelude to Badger IV Prelude to Badger IV

Rated 5 / 5 stars



FatBadger responds:


:: Squirrel Songs III :: :: Squirrel Songs III ::

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Predictably displeasing.


The graphics are just brush artwork with smoothing cranked to 70 and traced bitmap backgrounds. And calling it your "style" is just a cheap excuse for having no skill of your own.

Rated 1.

Style: 0

You preach values everyone knows and don't care about. A goth chick with some sort of edgy companion isn't original.

Rated 0.


This music seems to be ripped somewhat from other folk songs, and the desperate drive for donations is pathetic, in the eyes of this humble viewer.


Nothing to really be said in this catagory.


A play button. How interactive.


My humor was not aroused by your meager attempts at comedy. I have found more laughs in a fat woman having a seizure.


A displeasing shame upon the Newgrounds Portal.
Rated 2, as an overall of the score.

There's some debate, but overall people find this review helpful

Breadfruit's Epic Battle Breadfruit's Epic Battle

Rated 5 / 5 stars


How wouldst one define such a movie? Magnificent? Amazing? Life changing? No, those titles do not give it enough credit. Such a film changes the world and the way we think about everyday life. The way the author manipulated his art brings a tear to ones eye, the vibrant colors dancing on a canvas palet not unlike the cartoons we enjoyed as children. The storyline was epic. I mean, like, lord of the rings epic. The sound was like having sex with a beutiful woman, who has a stereo for a mouth. The violence was adrenaline rushing and awesome to the apotheosis of such. I was amazed by the amount of interactive options, much like a choose your own adventure story book. It was also one of the most funny movies I have ever seen in years, causing me to break out in spontaneous laughter. Overall it was a world changing film.

GG - Ganja's Birthday GG - Ganja's Birthday

Rated 5 / 5 stars



Graphics: They revolutionize flash as we know it. The way you made the scenes go together so brilliantly almost made me cry with joy. The shading was so real, noone can match it. Truely awesome.

Style: One of the most stylish inovative flash of all time. Noone cannot love it.

Sound: The music made me cry during the scene where he left her. It was truely an epic emotional film of love and heartbreak that we can all sympathize with. Indeed it is great.

Violence: When he raped the virgin young badjur it was truely grueling, what with the cum and the blood and the poop flying everywhere, and when he ate her hymen it was quite extreme. Greatly done

Interactivity: (Insert mindless greatness rambling here)

Humor: truely hilarious. When he painted her name on the nose of his plane it was hilarious when he accidentally put the paintbrush up his butt and farted pot smoke. very nicely done.

Overall it was awesome and gets a 10 Lol

Screaming Mushrooms Screaming Mushrooms

Rated 5 / 5 stars


quite amazing if i do say so lol

GG 4/21: Blackberry GG 4/21: Blackberry

Rated 0 / 5 stars


While your animation is good and the prospect was nice, it failed to amuse me. In fact, it offended me. Also, I'm taking my switchblade back from molotov.

BlackberryGlock responds:

Is that a reason to slash my movie with a 0 review? You're just pissed because you got banned from Also, your character has been taken out of TCOF and replaced with Molotov, it will be like this in all future episodes.

Daily2oon SE: rtil Daily2oon SE: rtil

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fulp Funk? Genious!

Hah, that was fucked up, yet so sweet...